10 Tips To Speed Up Your Weekly Meal Prep

10 Tips To Speed Up Your Weekly Meal Prep

Here are a few tips to speed up your weekly meal prep.  Use these tips to stay on track for the week and make progress on your goals.  Be sure to comment and share your favorite quick tips below.


  1. Buy pre-cooked chicken breast or fish from the deli section.
  2. Choose canned tuna for quick meals.
  3. Buy pre-cut or frozen vegetables.  **watch for any added junk like salt and sugar**
  4. Hard-boil several eggs.  They are a great quick high-protein snack and can be added to salads.
  5. Roast all of your vegetables and bake all of your sweet potatoes at once.
  6. Pre-cook enough quinoa or brown rice for the week.
  7. Chop all your raw veggies for healthy snacks and to add to your salads.
  8. Mornings can be hectic. Be sure to batch cook easy to grab breakfasts such as oatmeal or egg cups.
  9. Stock up on berries or fruits that don’t need to be cut like apples, oranges, and bananas.
  10. Raw, unsalted nuts make a great, portable snack and can easily be stored at your desk.


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