Helping others along their journey to be fit and healthy is why I am here. Hear what others have had to say about their journey with me.

1.5lbs away from my goal! But I already have a new one in mind so no I won’t be quitting! 14 months ago I weighed 176lbs today I weigh 135. Could not have done it without the accountability groups and support — Anonymous

I am down about 15 pounds and I have about 25 more to go. I have definitely made this a lifestyle change!!!! I feel like this is something that I can live with long term. Being part of these support groups have really helped me the last six weeks with food prep, recipes, encouragment and just the motivation that I need every morning to get up and get moving and drink my water so thank you! — Anonymous

A special thank you to Karen for always pushing me to succeed!! — Anonymous

Slow is better than nothing!! I run! It may be at a turtles pace but I run! I’m so proud of Karen and this group!! It is truly an honor to be a part of it. Thank you ladies for sharing your ups and your downs. Because of you all my mistakes are not detrimental; I just pick myself up and start again. — Anonymous