Prepping for the week

Prepping For The Week

  Prepping For The Week   It is amazing how we take getting a good night’s sleep naturally so easily for granted.  I am so glad this cold does know seem to be FINALLY officially on its way out…. See you, wouldn’t want to be you!!!   Now that I have been stuck in survival mode for pretty much the last 2 months it is time to get back on track starting with this weeks meal planning. Tonight: Stuffed Peppers Mon: Curried Coconut Chicken [will try to post a pic and recipe after I make it] Tue: Stew Weds: Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls[Continued…]

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So fast so far, gone too soon

Gone Too Soon

  Gone Too Soon Last night I learned someone I graduated with passed away in her sleep. Although we were more of acquaintance than great friends, this has really affected me and so many others. Her gorgeous big blue eyes paled in comparison to her infectious bright big smile and bubbly personality. No doubt gone to soon. Just one more unwanted reminder that tomorrow is never guaranteed. Although today has been the line in the sand for me to get back to my healthy routines and be committed, my heart really has not been into it. I have been struggling[Continued…]

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WOW….This really spoke to me today when working on my personal development.  Sounds like another way of saying things are darkest before the dawn so KEEP GOING, right????   What does this say to you?  Are you hitting the wall now or are you just getting started on your journey?

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