Habits Of Successful People Series – Part 7: Create Healthy Habits

Create Healthy Habits and Kick Those Bad Habits to the Curb Creating a lifestyle that is centered around healthy habits takes work, focus, and some discipline. It’s much easier to latch on to bad habits simply because they don’t take much effort to form but a lot of effort to kick. If we understand ahead of time that we want to avoid these bad habits life would be much easier and healthier. However what happens when we have already formed a few bad habits that we desperately need to kick to the curb? Here are some tips on kicking the[Continued…]

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What’s Your Why

What’s your why? I have been doing a lot of reflecting and trying to refocus my energy on my goals lately.  I think am getting there, slowly but surely 🙂  Although I have not been doing as well as I would like on my healthy habits, I still have been doing a couple things right.  I started this journey the end of January and I am still at it….WIN!!!!  I am still drinking my daily dose of dense nutrition for breakfast 95% of the time….WIN!!!  I may not be getting in 5-6 workouts a week but I am getting in[Continued…]

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