Prepping For The Week



Prepping For The Week


It is amazing how we take getting a good night’s sleep naturally so easily for granted.  I am so glad this cold does know seem to be FINALLY officially on its way out…. See you, wouldn’t want to be you!!!   Now that I have been stuck in survival mode for pretty much the last 2 months it is time to get back on track starting with this weeks meal planning.

Tonight: Stuffed Peppers

Mon: Curried Coconut Chicken [will try to post a pic and recipe after I make it]

Tue: Stew

Weds: Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls

Thurs: Fiesta Shrimp [will try to post a pic and recipe after I make it]

Fri: Homemade Pizza

Sat: Crockpot Glazed Honey Chicken

Now to remember to set my alarm to live on the WILD SIDE and get up early for an awesome workout!


Hi, I'm Karen. I help people who struggle with reaching their health and fitness goals figure out how to transition from quick fix solutions to lifestyle changes that last. I've been helping others work towards their goals since February 2015. When I'm not working my full-time job or helping others I can be found spending time with my family. We enjoy quading on the dunes and spend as much time RVing as we can. My husband and I also enjoy riding our Harleys. Start working with me on making lifestyle changes that will last now.

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